David Paul Nelson & Melanie Fairlight

Husband and Wife Team

About Us

David and Melanie have been married since May 24, 2008 and have been doing photography professionally together since that time. They love working together and the joy they share is infectious – the clients love it and it endears them to each other, making photography sessions more fun and turning clients into friends.

David serves as the Primary Photographer and Editor and is the Talent and Skill behind DavidPaulNelson Photography

David has always loved photography, having his camera at every family event and enjoying landscape and nature photography. He considered the structure even of casual friends’ photos and they joked that he ‘never took a picture without posing’. He was already a photographer, but how he viewed photography changed when we got married. David’s aunt Sondra Brown created videos and photography in advance of our wedding, then captured the event in a beautiful and wonderful way. That was when he realized the value of photography and how precious it really is. “It’s not only an art, but it’s taking a snapshot of life and preserving it forever.”

David photographed events and weddings, family portraits and developed a special niche in artistic portraiture. Initially focusing on his bride as a muse, his skills at communicating with clients and drawing out their best increased and they became a great team. Creatively, David expresses the emotion of his clients not only in their pose and expression, but in the lighting, lenses and camera settings in a way to clearly articulate to the viewer the uniqueness of each client. He has built intricate sets and created beautiful floral crowns, as a couple of examples of custom pieces he creates to individualize each session.

Melanie serves as Art Director, Stylist, Make-up and Hair, Wardrobe

Melanie loves to pull images together, to create a scene. In her past she was an actress, director and an award-winning producer. Her love of those genres brings passion, drama and depth to photography sessions. She is second shooter on select photography sessions, Melanie expresses her creativity through working with her husband, David Paul Nelson’s artistic photography.

Melanie provides full make-up and hair on request, works with clients to select wardrobe and develops themes for their photo shoot. No project is too small or too large to pay attention to all the details. Melanie specializes in finding a special twist to make each portraiture session unique, as every person is uniquely beautiful and should be captured as such.

  • Clients That Have Never Done a Photo Shoot Before 70%
  • Clients Traveling in from Out of State 20%
  • Clients with Lower Self-Esteem Whose Confidence is Boosted 50%
  • Clients so Excited They Purchase Additional Products 80%