I love the way new pictures make me feel. Beautiful, Updated, Refreshed.

Glam. Bold. Arresting. Professional

The Challenge

Everyone has different challenges when they come into a photo shoot. Currently, mine is to take a ‘normal’ picture. I have been in front of the camera so much, I tend to make silly or sexy faces, and those aren’t always appropriate for Facebook or for professional images. When I go to take a new headshot, sometimes I end up with pictures that just won’t work professionally 🙂

The Solution

During photo sessions, I have to remember to stop and look at the images David is taking. He is really great about encouraging me and even teasing me when I am not posing the way I said I wanted to – I do tend to deviate 😉 David brings me back to the original purpose for the session and leads me into posing for the ultimate picture I love.

Completely Update Your Visible Identity

We Rethink Everything


Personal Rebranding


Total Look Redesign

Online Proofs Day Turnaround


Confidence Boosted

Custom Photo Site Link to Boosts Views/Sales


Mobile Refresh

Like to share your images online? Want a place to show friends the pictures from your photography session separate from the few you may post to Facebook or your personal/professional website? We offer a custom responsive page you can access easily that looks great across mobile devices.


Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We look at photography differently. it’s not just updated images – it’s a created visible persona. Every session is an opportunity to recreate your look, to explore a new one. Everyone has many different sides of their personality; they have many different looks, too. We really enjoy showing clients how many different looks we can capture of them.


Capturing a Piece of You

I like to explore new avenues visually and change up my look. I take that same approach with clients, enjoying coaxing specific looks/expressions out of them and focusing on posing to create that specific look we are going for. It is a blast to get creative together!

  • Mobile Sales 15%
  • Website Sales 60%
  • Referral Business 25%
  • Satisfied Clients 99%

The Results Are Amazing

There is a reason people like to do artistic portraiture sessions with us – the results really are beautiful artwork. Sure we take great head shots and family pictures, and people love them. Where we excel and stand out from other photographers is in the preparation and relationship building ahead of time and the artistry we bring to our sessions.

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We Rethink Everything

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